CDL Classes

MoveFWD, a Workforce Collaborative of Central Texas, helps people establish careers in growing industries that provide job stability and benefits.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority created the program in 2018 and is collaborating closely with other local agencies and nonprofit organizations to identify and prepare candidates for skilled positions within the construction and service industries. 

The program provides interpersonal skills and job training, as well as social services that may be needed by those seeking a long-term, full-time career. Social services include career counseling, housing, work clothes and transportation assistance among many others. The program also prepares job candidates for the workplace by providing hands-on training so they become more qualified than other potential candidates. 

Training programs are developed in coordination with employers, and are tailored to ensure participants leave the program qualified and ideally positioned for the jobs currently available. 

Success Story Videos

Learn more about achieving life-changing career employment in construction and customer service industies. 

Job Candidate Intake Form

Interested in participating in the MoveFWD? We’d like to learn more about you so complete our job candidate intake form. Based on the information you provide, you’ll be assigned a career manager to help you navigate your career path.